Acid Amora

Origin: Blue Mountains, Australia
Genre: Alternative Rock
Members: Samuel Garcia, Bec Smith, Peter Simpson, Holly Garcia
Formed: May 2022


Emanating from the heart of the Blue Mountains, Acid Amora is an alternative rock band that delves deep into the raw and visceral emotions of love, hate, and everything in between. Founded in May 2022, this four-piece ensemble initially came together as a group of friends united by a shared passion for creativity and music. Their journey from casual jam sessions to a serious musical endeavor has been meteoric, capturing the attention and hearts of audiences across Sydney.
The band consists of Samuel Garcia (vocals/guitar), Bec Smith (bass), Peter Simpson (drums), and Holly Garcia (keyboards/backing vocals). Their dynamic synergy and eclectic soundscapes set them apart in the alternative rock scene. Acid Amora’s music is characterized by its melodic and vibrant compositions, with each track resonating with the youthful energy and emotional depth that the band members bring to their art.
In their short but impactful career, Acid Amora has already made significant strides. Managed by Andrew Beck and signed under the new record label Barney Collins, they have access to top-notch equipment and production facilities, enhancing their ability to deliver polished and powerful performances. The band’s dedication to their craft is evident in their use of both personal instruments and the extensive backline selection available through their management.
Debut Single: “On Replay”
In a notable milestone, Acid Amora released their debut single, “On Replay,” which has been well-received for its catchy and evocative melody. The track perfectly encapsulates the band’s energetic and melodic style, hinting at the broad appeal and potential of their music. Released under Barney Collins, “On Replay” showcases Acid Amora’s ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with compelling instrumentation, making it a staple in their growing discography.
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Discover the essence of Acid Amora and immerse yourself in a musical journey that explores the full spectrum of human emotion. From the serene landscapes of the Blue Mountains to the vibrant stages of Sydney, Acid Amora is here to make their mark.

Live Review: Downgirl, Acid Amora and T-Rex Autopsy at the Station Bar, Katoomba. May 27, 2023



“In the year or so they’ve been strutting the stage, Acid Amora have been making plenty of waves. Their grungy alternative rock pulls from a wide selection of sources and their songs are powerfully driven by the drumming of Holly de Lima Gracia, whose Death longie showed where her allegiances and influences lay. Singer Bec Smith presents a massive and soulful vocal style but her evident shyness pushes guitarist Samuel de Lima Gracia into the front person role. A Paramore cover was unsurprising but the Black Country Communion one certainly was, and the segue into a jazzed up “War Pigs” was super cool. Look out for these guys.”

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