Doctor Robot 

A time travelling robot from the distant future on a mission to save the universe through the power of original funky space beats. An all original interactive science fiction experience featuring music played on vintage synthesizers, talk box, cowbell, flutes, dinosaurs and more.

Health officials have published a warning not to take any health advice from this doctor, for he is in-fact, unlicensed and likely has very little understanding of human anatomy. But don’t worry, he’s trapped in a box….. right?


You used to have to study to become a doctor. As a human, that is. People sat hunched in libraries for weeks on end, suffered through apprenticeships, lived unshowered in hospital call rooms, drifting from ward to ward. Not anymore. In the future the People’s Consortium (PeopleCon, the humans say with irony) replaced physicians with Eurocentric-accented (British preferred) AI. We don’t mind the terribly long silences while patients fish for their words, and have immense processing chips to efficiently diagnose and treat. I’m Doctor Robot,and I rely on something that they didn’t realise when they inserted the chipps, that it also9 allows you to have electronic beatstransmitted directly down your spine, which is now the baseline…

Winter Magic Show
Space: Magic After Dark – The After Party
Where: Station Bar When: 10:00pm