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Originally formed in 2014 for a period of 1 month of shows, reformed with a new line-up and new album in 2022. This unique punk band is the brain child of Matt Downey (Cousin Betty/Death Mattel). The new album is a two-sided exploration of cross genres, an effort to see if content is universal or exclusive to a particular tribe. Live, this band are on fire. A mix of obvious and classic influences with the melody of The Buzzcocks, the precision of The Descendents and the stamina of The Ramones. Local references would be Radio Birdman, Frenzal Rhomb, GoD and Happy Hate Me Nots. While the album (produced in Sydney by Jason Whalley) is comprised of international contributions, the live line-up features young guns from Paint Job, Trash Baby and Acid Amora. Once again, the concept is to present these works for a limited time and tour extensively until November 2022.