Performance schedule:

Who: Begecki   When: 12.05-12.18

Begeki is a local dancer and dance teacher influenced by her extensive travels and interest to explore flow. She will be performing with local dancers and students this year at the cultural centre Katoomba.

Who: Katar Sal              When: 12:20-12:35

Katar Sal – literally means – Where are you from? – in Romani language, the name of a new dance project by Rebecca Cookson who recently has moved to work in Sydney. Rebecca has performed with various cultural dance groups in New Zealand, including with the Volga Dancers, a Russian folk and belly dancing group in Auckland directed by Russian dancer, Irina Petropavlovskaia

Who: Bachata Femenina           When: 12.37-12.50

Bachata is a popular dance from the Dominican Republic. There are several styles including happy and energetic, slow and sensual and sometimes lady’s style which is a solo dance. In this performance, each dancer will be in her own energy space.

Who: Caravan Dancers             When: 12.52-1.15

Pic ref: caravan dancers

Caravan Dance Company (previously known as Ghawazi Caravan) have been entertaining the wonderful crowds at the Winter Magic Festival for over 20 years. Our dance form is an eclectic integration of traditional and modern bellydance, which wows the audience with improvisational choreography, fabulous costumes and music.


Who: Samsin Tibetan Community         When: 1.20-1.45

Pic ref: Tibetan dance

We are the members of blue mountain Tibetan community. We are here to share a bit of culture through our dance performances, after a long day doing all hard works, people come outI their tents/homes to do dance in their communities to socialize and to have a relaxed fun time together, enjoying beautiful music, dance movements.
Even those days, Tibetan diaspora in many countries are doing their circle dances to social and health and well-being. We hope everyone will join our circle at the end to wish for a wonderful year to all.

Who: Flamenco Flashmob         When: 1.47-2.05

(pic ref flashmob)

Flamenco Flash Dance, the students have been training for this performance come witness this performance led by Tomás Arroquero & Elena Varga. You can still register to participate click here

Who: Stone Cold Fox                When: 2.10-2.40

Pic ref: stone cold fox

Stone Cold Fox Burlesque is all about body positive and celebrating yourself through dance! They teach burlesque, fan dance and vintage jazz and will be bringing you a family friendly program of dance at Winter Magic Festival!

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Who: Oracle                 When: 2.45-3pm

Pic ref: oracle

Angela and Courtney have danced together for many moons as part of Oracle and Aziff Tribal Belly Dance. Oracle is a tribal belly dance base, with a fusion and contemporary twist.


Who: Takes two to Tap             When: 3.05-3.30pm

Pic ref: takes two to tap

‘Takes Two to Tap’ proudly continues the legacy of the wonderful, late Robyn Yates who for so many years shared the joy of tap dancing with adults of all abilities. Robyn was also the founder of Blue Mountains Cancer Help (now Cancer Wellness Support). Among her many achievements Robyn was awarded ‘Volunteer of the Year’ for Outer west and Blue Mountains, Blue Mountains Local Woman of the Year and the Order of Australia medal.

Who: Samaba Ninja      When: 3.35-4pm

Pic ref: samba ninja

Samba Ninja is a Sydney-based community drumming band led by Tom the Pom. We are ninjas that play samba. We are not strictly a samba band. We are not strictly ninjas either.

We play a mix of traditional Brazilian and West African styles with samba instruments. Half of what we play are our own compositions. Try to spot which ones and enjoy the music.