Sonori extend a cinematic, electronic art-rock experience in which both thinkers and dancers can find their haven.


Formed in the music and art rich community of Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Sonori was the result of the unlikely convergence of an effects loving classically trained cellist, a post rock guru and an electronics junkie. Word of this intriguing and unusual combination lead to a gig booking before they had even played a single note together. Beginning life as an instrumental three piece made up of looped cellos, guitars/keys and drum machines, they were then joined by an eclectically influenced singer taking their original compositions to a whole other level with an extensive set of lyrical themes and versatile singing techniques.
They quickly discovered that their individual skills and complimentary differences blended with their shared passions and friendly natures, resulting in a musical style which fulfilled the promise of something special and unique.
Rich with soaring and shadowy vocals, thick layers of sound, and pulsing beats, they have been described as “Cinematic orchestral experimental journey music. Post rock you can dance to”.


Appealing to both the outgoing dancers and the inward thinkers alike, they immediately captured people’s attention and the buzz that was created on the local scene following their first few shows confirmed that they were onto something.
As their sound continued to develop through a string of hometown appearances, the band commenced work on their debut EP, further solidifying the bond between the members as they all worked closely together on the writing, composition, arrangement, recording and mixing.
With a front page feature in local street press ‘The Haze Mag’, and multiple appearances on community radio, local support continued to grow as they appeared on stage alongside acts as varied as Sydney post rock giants We Lost the Sea, and Melbourne beats oriented world music titans Tijuana Cartel. A trip to Psyfari festival in 2016 saw them playing a technicolour Saturday night set with a great response from the happy Psyfarians.
More recently the band spent two nights performing on the steps of Katoomba’s iconic Carrington Hotel as part of the ‘Culturescape’ festival event, where their music provided a live soundtrack to the works of local artists projected across the face of the building as the band played.
This romantic origin story is represented beautifully on their debut self titled EP, which is due for release in May. The recording serves as both an introduction to the band and a promise of much more to come.

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